cool aide energy conserving exhaust hose for portable air conditioners

Cool-Aide® Insulated Energy Conserving Exhaust Hose Cover for Portable Air Conditioners 


SAFE – No Airborne Fiberglass

SAFE – No Polystyrene

STOP Hose Radiant Heat

INCREASE Efficiency 32%

REDUCE Electricity Use

ATTRACTIVE Washable Surface

USES Recycled Materials

5 FOOT Length – May Be Cut

ONE-SIZE Fits 6″ & 5″ Hoses

ALSO Used on Intake Hoses

FULL No Questions 30-Day Refund

Portable A/C Sleeve




Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the refund, I haven’t put the insulator hose on yet, but will let you know when I do. Such great customer service!!! I wish there were more people like you out there. Thank you again.”

Lucia P., Burnaby, BC, Canada 7/13/2021

Thanks so much for shipping so quickly!! A local animal shelter was without air conditioning during a recent heat wave and received some portable ac units. I noticed the hoses weren’t covered and mentioned they needed insulators to keep the hoses from heating up the rooms. I checked in with them today and they said the cool-aide insulators are working great. Thanks for helping out the animals at the shelter!

Karen H., Wallingford, CT 7/6/21

Thanks so much!! One of my employees at work actually told me about this product. She said it reduced the temp in her house by 10 degrees at least after putting it on her a/c. We are in a major heat wave this week so have our portables up and running here in the Pacific NW.

Traci S., Beaverton, OR 6/26/21

I ordered my first insulator a couple of weeks ago. The weather finally prompted me to set up the portable A/C. I had previously insulated the exhaust with a Mylar emergency blanket then wrapped that with a wool blanket.  I am blown away by the difference in the output of the unit using the Cool-Aide sleeve. And by the way it was all the reviews that finally helped me take the plunge. Absolutely no regrets! That’s why I ordered a second sleeve. I have another portable A/C on the way. Thank you!

Jerri W., Tacoma, WA 6/21/21

I received it and love it! Thank you so much

Alex O., Pittsburgh, PA 6/5/21

“Hey Cool-Aide,
Thank you sooooooo much for this product. With a portable a/c, a burning hot hose almost defeats the purpose of the unit. I have now purchased 3 Cool-Aides and it was well worth it. This time I got 2 to over lap an extra long hose. I needed to have my a/c unit farther from a window so it wouldn’t kill my houseplants but I need a/c or I’d suffer. After I added hose length with a coupler it was no trouble at all to slip the Cool-Aides on from each end and overlap them in the middle with a zip tie. Works great even at twice the length. Happy plants, happy me!

Miya R., Seattle, WA 4/30/21

Just wanted to say thanks for the fabulous insulators – they’re super easy to install, and they work great! My brand new unit (which had a rather leaky hose) is working much better, and my 15-year-old smaller one can get the bedroom several degrees cooler than it ever could. I am truly amazed! I also feel better because they’re both operating more efficiently now. I’ll be recommending these to anyone with a portable AC from now on!!  Warm regards (well, pretty cool, actually!)

Jennifer F., Portland, ME 8/22/20

Good Evening!  I just wanted to let you know that I had a portable AC and I hated it because it would never cool down the room and never turn off.  I just received your product and after just 2-3 hours of placing the hose in it….I can’t believe the results.  The portable AC is acting more like a window unit and actually cooling the room.  I actually can’t believe the results!  Your product should be standard for all portable AC units, as it ensures it functions like it should.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!”

Curtis W. Midlothian, VA 7/28/20

“Hi, Love my ac tube sleeve! You rock! Am so happy I found your website easily.  Do you have a Facebook or Instagram page? Let me know — would love to brag about my new sleeve. ”

Laura R., Sacramento, CA 7/15/20

What a surprise. ? Thanks so much. Love my cool-aide.  Great invention and investment. 

Staci D. Wheatland, MO 6/22/20

“Hi! I love the 1st Cool-Aide I got from you earlier this week, and I just bought another portable AC unit and immediately knew I needed another insulator from you. Wonderful product, thanks so much! ”

Liz B. Texas 5/23/20

“Every time the summer hits, I think of you and your product when I install the ac units. They still work perfectly and love your product. Hope word got around and you’re making money.”

Ralph G. - Iowa, 7/6/19 -- Customer since 2014

“I went and ordered the second unit anyway because it is such a great product and wanted to experiment and see if it would still increase the performance if I insulate the intake hose also. I have to tell you the unit has worked so much better after using your insulator. It was 90 degrees here in Jersey City yesterday and high humidity and the unit kept up. I kept the unit 72 degrees and it cycled even with all that heat. Before it would have kept running the compressor all day! I was about to chuck the thing and go back to a window unit next summer but I think I will give it one more summer. I purchased the portable last year and payed a lot of money for it, so I want to use it.”

Anthony V., Jersey City, NJ 8/16/18.

“Thank you for the very quick shipment of my COOL-AIDE Insulator Sleeve! I installed it over the exhaust hose of my brand new Frigidaire Portable AC and turned the unit on, after an hour I barely felt any heat from the exhaust hose and the AC had cooled down my large living room! This is an excellent product and well worth the price!! Thanks again…..*****!!!”

Bill S., Salem, OR 8/27/21

Thank you! I think I learned about your insulators while I was searching Google for ideas on how to improve my portable A/C’s performance. I believe it led me to your Youtube video. Now, I have purchased two of them and they both work excellently!

Andrew T., El Segundo, CA 7/15/21

It’s nice to have a more environmentally conscious option, really dig what you’re doing!  Cheers.

Jonathan S., Los Angeles, CA 7/19/21

“This is unbelievable! I can’t believe how well these work. I’ve told everyone I know who has a Portable ac to order immediately! Brilliant! Made a huge difference. I bought a new portable ac that was larger and if I had this I wouldn’t not have needed to. Efficiency is so much better. My house stayed cool and even today. I’m sure I’ll see it in the electric bill too. Thank you.”

Joanne J., Hyannis, MA 7/7/21

Love my new sleeve–just got here today and it was VERY easy to get it on the hose and it’s flexible enough that I can compress it, and the hose, to get close to the window. Thanks for the video, which removed the one minor question that I had. I can feel a lot less heat coming from the hose now that I have it on.  Thanks again–it is well worth the price.

Lois V., Seattle, WA 7/1/21

I ordered a Cool-Aide from you before. I love the product, and it works so well.

Chris C. Puyallup, WA 6/28/21

I ordered one last year for our living room unit and it works! So we thought we’d get one for the bedroom unit too. I couldn’t remember where I’d ordered it from so I searched through my emails from last summer until I found it. So glad I was able to find it.  I wish you sold on Amazon. That’s where I went first and there’s a sleeve on there. After reading through the reviews, I decided others weren’t as happy with that one as we are with yours!! So, I went looking for you again.

Tammy W. Vancouver, WA 6/24/21

“My wife and I both worked the Cool-Aide onto the exhaust hose. Now I’m ready for the heat and humidity coming in this weekend. Thanks for the quick response and help in setting up our portable a/c. ”

Mark K., Equinunk, PA 6/4/21

“We got it, we love it & I just now bought a 2nd one for the bedroom ac unit!
Thank you so much. We Pray you stay safe in Grass Valley from all the horrible fires??.  

Pamela B, Crestline, CA 8/25/20

Hey, loved the first one. Had to order another for the ac in the garage.  Great product! 

Josh L., Albany, NY 8/21/20

I am sooo happy I found your product online, it works wonders. I recently bought a new 12,000 btu portable AC and I was not very happy because of the amount of heat coming from the back and side of the machine. I found your product online and figured I’d give it a try. I received it in two days which is crazy fast for free shipping and installed it in two minutes. Now that I’ve added your insulator sleeve it is cooling my whole apartment. AC is working as it should. Absolutely love it! Thank you..

Sarah D., Philadelphia, PA 7/27/20

“Hello again sorry it took some time for the response but we are extremely satisfied with the insulator. It made a very noticeable difference in our add on room where we just couldnt seem to get it quite as cool as the rest of the house. After the installation within just a few hours we could feel difference. The next day at the hottest point of the day, the temperature matched throughout the whole house. I’ve already mentioned your product to some of our neighbors. Thank you! ”

Justin E., Bradenton, Fl. 5/30/20

“It came just in time for the hottest part of the day. I put it on, and it dramatically improved the ambient temp in my studio. Wish I would have known about this sooner! Cheers!”

Clayton P., San Jose, CA 8/25/19

“We live Down deep in the heart of the bayou. Today temperature hit 94 with a “feels like” temperature of 115. My office usually stays at 78 degrees and no lower, but I’d really like it to be 74. Physics man. That hose puts the heat back into the room. NOT ANYMORE!!!!! Even today I’m typing this to you in 75 degree air. Thank you!”

Paul Z., Prarieville, LA 8/13/19

“We did order your insulation sleeve and WOW… such a simple idea… yet I am totally amazed at how well it performs.  We use the portable A/C unit in a very confined space so every bit helps with temperature control.  That exhaust hose heating up was a constant battle with the A/C trying to keep things cool.  Just a short test run in Las Vegas heat was all I needed.  This product is a winner.  I am so surprised you’re not in all the chain stores or even in Camping RV stores.  I use the portable A/C in my RV and on outdoor ventures too.  Kudos to you and your organization.  Thanks for the personal communication.  You definitely have satisfied customer and fan.”

Hannah, Dr. C., and gang, Las Vegas, NV 8/28/18

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