The Cool-Aide works great. It is incredible how much heat was coming off that vent tube. After putting your product on it, the room stays much cooler than it was. I really like how light weight it is and how easy it pops on as well. I will definitely recommend it to others.

Mark F., Hunters, WA 8/22/17

Wanted to let you know that the Cool-Aid arrived last week and it is fantastic – makes a huge difference – the room actually feels cool now. Have a good day.

Ron S., Ottawa, Ontario 8/21/17

Hi there! I received my order thank you! Works perfectly!

Ariana M., Venice, CA 8/6/17

Thank you so much. I’m so glad I found your website for this. It’s helped me out so much. I have had it for about 2 weeks. I was at the point in selling my ac unit for a window model and now I’m glad I saved my money. I’ll always keep this in mind and I highly recommend it!

Tony G., Sparta, NC 8/6/17

Well, the hose from my portable air conditioner was heating up a lot, so I went online to try to find a solution and ended up finding COOL-AIDE. It really was a great solution.

Wander C., Plymouth, MA 8/4/17

Hi, we’ve had our portable ac for about a month now and every time we walk by it we can feel the heat coming off the exhaust hose. Yesterday I decided it was time to look into doing something about it. I knew I didn’t want to deal with any fiberglass product so one of the first things I found was this wrap on Amazon but after reading about the hassle of wrapping and taping it wasn’t sounding like the product for us. Under the top review though there are 13 comments and about the 5th comment down mentioned your company. As soon as I looked at your product and it’s installation I knew it was what I was looking for.

Randy Y., Los Gatos, CA 8/3/17

I am a previous customer. (Re-ordering)

Dale H., Valencia, CA 7/9/17

I just want to let you know that your product is fantastic. Now we can keep the residual heat to a minimum which makes it a lot easier to keep our place cool.

Brian B., Bonners Ferry, ID 7/2/2017

It is installed and works great. Thank you !! I keep my a/c on about 77 and it is performing beautifully. With the sleeve I even lowered the temp today as it is cooler outside.

Roberta W., Seattle, WA 6/25/17

I found your product through watching a YouTube video on the different ways to insulate the exhaust tube. I won’t even use my air conditioner Bc the heat the tube releases makes the room hotter than the cold air can keep up with. My next issue will be constructing something to make it sealed better with my casement windows. Thanks!

Shana G., Santa Fe, NM 6/13/17

Hello! This is my second purchase from you…I am in a bind and was wondering how quickly I can get one of the COOL-AIDE sleeves mailed to me?

I really hope so…I just ordered a 2nd portable a/c unit, and I know the hose will get very warm. I have guests arriving this weekend, and it has been hot.

Thanks for much for such a wonderful product!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Andrea B., Redmond, WA 5/23/17

I would like to say I am very happy with the Cool-Aide Hose. I installed it on my unit and with minutes noticed right away that there was no heat coming from the hose.  I never really noticed the heat unless I was near it. But at least now the air-conditioner can work as it should. And shipping to Australia was fast. Have ordered from states before and its weeks. So I would like to highly recommend these Cool-Aide Hose to anyone who has a portable air conditioner system. They work very effectively and worth it.

Anthony C., Melbourne Australia, 12/29/16

I received my unit a few days ago. Very fast shipping to Australia!  I went from needing to set the AC unit at 19C/66F to now only needed to set it to 25C/77F! And this is when it was 39C/102F outside – All JUST from adding the Cool-Aide sleeve to the exhaust tube! The feeling and comfort in the room was just as cool as before and the AC unit even switched off a few times when the thermostat was happy the room was sufficiently cool. The heat from the tube is nearly impossible to detect now. Amazing product. Super easy to install as well. Will very quickly offset the cost of the tube to the electricity bill savings! Thank you again! 
Garth I., Bardwell Valley, NSW Australia, 12/15/16

“Thanks so much for your thoughtfulness and assistance.  I was an environmental attorney in my pre-retirement life, so I appreciate innovations like your product.” 
Susan G.  11/9/2016, Bunnell, FL

I fell in love with your product!  If you EVER need an endorsement or whatever, please contact me!”  
Elizabeth R., Los Angeles, CA 10/10/2016

“Great Service!”
Simon G., Pearland TX 9/19/16

Just a quick note to say the COOL-AIDE arrived in the UK this morning and its a perfect fit.  Many thanks, 

Steve E.,  Southampton,  Hampshire, Great Britain  8/31/16

Hi, I recently purchased your insulation sleeve for my portable Air Conditioner.  It works great!  You’ve kept us cool during the hot July in New Jersey.  Otherwise I could not use it, it just generated too much heat.  Just wanted to offer my Thank You.  Warm regards,

Nancy M. Bloomfield, NJ 8/3/16

Thank you for the quick reply! In this day and age, companies take so long to even answer a phone call. I am very happy with the customer service already!!
Thanks for a product I’ve always needed as well!!!!

Chris M.  Selden, NY  7/2/16

Your product is WONDERFUL. It’s helping me to not just endure, but actually enjoy an intense heat spell in California much better than before installing your product. I love it!!!

Pamela G., Foothill Ranch, CA  6/26/16

Hello! I have ordered from you guys before, but it was for my personal AC unit at home. This current order is for the unit in my office at work.  Thank you!  
Veronica B.   Seattle, WA      6/13/2016

“It only took a weekend of 100 degree weather in Portland to make these a necessity.” 
Bryan B.   Portland, OR  6/7/2016

This is the 2nd one we ordered. Still using the first one on our other portable.
Dorrey B., Washington Township, NJ  5/28/16

I received my Cool-Aide and installed it . It works great and I’m very pleased with the sleeve.
Richard S.  8/20/15  Chula Vista, CA

The “sock” works great it arrived just in time for the next round of 100+ days, and looks far better than the bubble rap and aluminum I had around the hose.
Brett B. 12/27/15 Parkside, South Australia

I just got the item today and this is worth a million bucks. I put it to use right away in my room and boy does it make a difference. I love the build quality too. Good and solid.
Thomas R.  7/14/15  Santa Ana, CA

I’m happy to be a repeat customer – your product is amazing! 🙂
B. Travis W.  7/7/15  Greenwood Village, CO

We have been using the cool-aide on our 12,000 btu portable air conditioner and the difference it has made is phenomenal. The exhaust hose is much cooler and as a result the area around the hose is not hot like it had been prior to using your insulating sleeve. So thank you for a really simple product, that is incredibly easy to use and very effective.
Dorey B.  7/2/15  Township of Washington, NJ

I did notice a significant improvement when I installed the insulation.  I also appreciate that the zip-ties came with it.
Mario C.  8/5/14  Vista, CA

I saw a comment on one of the YouTube videos where someone said “You should just get a “COOL-AIDE.” And so I checked out your website and found it was exactly what I was looking for, I wouldn’t have to construct some sort of solution, I could just buy it from you guys.  Yes, I’ve been happy with the ones I’ve ordered. They do work.
Kevin F. H.  7/4/14  Culver City, CA

It’s great. I can’t believe it doesn’t come with the air conditioner.  That exhaust gets so hot.  It makes the a/c much more effective.
Bob G. 8/11/14   Seattle, WA

I received the Cool-Aide today and just want to let you know that I’m very pleased with it.  It does a great job insulating the exhaust hose.  Also, I followed your advice and bunched it up instead of cutting it to length.
Ken V. 7/18/15  Hoboken, NJ

Awesome!!!  I am so excited that I found your product!!!
Aminda R.C.  9/20/15  Portland, OR

We have a dual hose indoor AC unit that we like to pack up for the winter to make room for our Christmas Tree. We have two of your Cool-Aide Exhaust Hose Insulation sleeves, which have worked amazingly well this past summer. But I also wanted to comment that the sleeves make packing up things a cinch … no insulation flying around, no mess … just gently folding the sleeves and packed them away for the winter. Great!! We are incredibly satisfied!!
Keith H. 11/17/15  Fort Lupton, CO

I received the Cool-Aide today and just want to let you know that I’m very pleased with it.  It does a great job insulating the exhaust hose.  Also, I followed your advice and bunched it up instead of cutting it to length.
Ken V. 7/18/15  Hoboken, NJ

A HUGE thank you for the speedy shipping, and great bag!  It arrived this morning and is working beautifully.
Derek C. 8/26/15  Valley Center, CA

Cool-Aides look great, work great!!!
Timothy Z. 7/10/15  Grants Pass, OR

The reason I ordered your product is because it’s not unsightly.  Not only that, it doesn’t have fiberglass, it’s not going to require a bunch of duct tape, it’s still flexible, and frankly, it saves me a trip to Home Depot where I will be promptly ignored for who knows how long before hoping to find someone who can help me find some sort of material that will insulate.  Your product is very well priced, it’s easy, it’s flexible, and it’s not ugly.
Valerie M. 6/8/15  Modesto, CA

Great idea!
Joanne B. 6/27/15  Rouses Point, NY

I’m extremely happy with my Cool-aide.  If it weren’t for the Cool-aide I would have returned my LG because it is so inefficient without it.
Gen S. 6/20/14  Forest Hills, NY

I found the COOL-AIDE YouTube video.  Very nice job and very interesting real world tests. Which are very true.  I am impressed!  I was unsure if the insulation used was enough but it is and the plastic material works well insulating as well as being flexible.  The zip ties are really great and work perfectly. I am ordering another one for my other unit. I could have saved shipping by ordering two, but wanted to be sure how well it worked.
Ralph B. 6/21/14  Lowell, MA